Saints in the Community

On 16 March 2020 the Government and Perth and Kinross Council changed their policy on meeting the challenge of Coronavirus.

Government policy is for people to work at home where possible and to avoid unnecessary social contact.

Perth and Kinross Council policy is:

We are currently asking all staff to postpone or cancel non-essential meetings, activities and events planned for between tomorrow and the foreseeable future. This includes:

For office-based staff, including Health and Social Care Partnership staff and councillors:

  • Face to face meetings with external organisations
  • National meetings
  • Public activities such as drop-in events or conferences
  • Political group meetings
  • Group activities such as ECS choir or JogPKC

Council and committee meetings will not be held during this period. Political group leaders have agreed to take essential strategic decisions virtually where possible.

For schools:

  • Parent contact evenings
  • Fayres
  • Concerts
  • Extra-curricular activities

This is the best advice available to us and makes it necessary for the Trust to review its position on all projects.

The Board has therefore taken the difficult decision to suspend all projects from midnight on 17 March 2020.

Atholl and the Board will monitor Government and Council advice as this situation develops.


Roddy Ross
Chair of the Board of Trustees