New opportunity for supporters to meet socially to learn more about the Club and its history.

St Johnstone's profile in Scottish Football has soared in recent months. The recent cup double success is undoubtedly the high point in Saints history. 

Saints fans who have long supported the club through good, and not so good times, still talk fondly about these moments. All football supporters enjoy discussing and recalling memories of matches, players, managers and club characters and a lot more besides.

The St Johnstone Community Trust wish to build on Saints success and offer supporters the opportunity to meet socially on a regular basis to learn more about the Club and its history. With time to share memories of past times, socialise, renew acquaintances and rekindle friendships.

We now wish to measure the extent of interest in setting up a Group open to Saints supporters, players, officials, and others who would be interested, who would enjoy sharing their and others memories of Saints through the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Other football clubs who host a similar group enjoy a variety of events. A popular feature is the opportunity to hear speakers who have played for, managed, worked for the club as well as many others including members of the sporting and local press. Their stories and insight of the club can both be entertaining and revealing.

Attending speakers, in addition to providing stories of their time, usually participate in 'Question & Answer' sessions. Saints are blessed with a number of high profile supporters and very good journalists, past and present, who many would love to hear from.

Other features which groups include in their schedule are:

  • time to talk about the weekend game/season so far;
  • the opportunity to view footage of games from an earlier era; and
  • Quiz Ball challenges where ex-players compete against another team's ex-players


Membership of the Group
The Group is open to those who would enjoy discussing football and sharing memories of Saints through the 1950s to 1980s and participating in events.
Financing the Group
The group will be self financing.
Survey of interest
Saints in the Community invite those interested to complete our online survey to measure interest in becoming a member of the Group. The survey also asks for a note of interest from those willing to offer help to assist establishing and managing the Group. Our online survey is available to complete HERE.
Managing the Group
It is intended the Group will be managed by a small Committee of volunteers who will prepare and arrange a yearly programme of meetings and make arrangements for meetings. A representive from The St Johnstone Community Trust will be a member of the Committee. It is envisaged there will be a Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, supported by two others.
We look forward to hearing from you.
If you would like to discuss the Trust's 'Saints Times Past' proposal, please do not hesitate to contact Atholl Henderson on 07751178154 or by email