Nominate your community saint now...

Help us to recognise the great work from our local community saints during COVID-19!

As we continue to rely on people selflessly working to support the vulnerable and ill, there is fantastic work going on in our community at this time and we want to recognise and showcase these outstanding efforts.

The St Johnstone Community Trust are asking residents of Perth & Kinross to nominate their local Saints.

From NHS staff, to teachers, emergency service workers, supermarket staff, drivers, family & friends, and neighbours - we want to hear from you!

To nominate: send a video or photo of the person you are nominating, their name and a few words with why you are nominating them.

You can get in touch and send your nominations in the following ways:

  • Twitter – get in touch @Saints_Trust and use the hashtag #SaintInMyCommunity
  • Instagram – get in touch @saintsinthecommunity and use the hashtag #SaintInMyCommunity
  • Email – you can email any nominations to us at       

Nominations will be shared across our various social media platforms.