Take a trip down memory lane...

Football is powerful - it has the ability to change lives and re-connect people. Now, more than ever, it is important we stay connected.

Our team of Football Memories volunteers have been working hard to create online reminiscence activities for senior members of our community to enjoy at home during this time of heightened social isolation and loneliness.

The 'Resources' page of our website is expected to be updated on a weekly basis and will include the following activities:


  • Each week we will release a new video - name the players & pick who would make it into your Scotland 'Dream Team'


  • Using images from Football Memories Scotland, study the picture and use your judgement to identify which square the ball is in
  • Watch the short British Pathe highlights video of a Scottish football match and answer the related questions. Clues are provided for those supporting anyone at home.

This is a new venture for our volunteers and as a group, we will continue to learn as we go along. The videos were created with people living with dementia in mind and therefore, there are added pauses for thought throughout. We understand no internet access nor a device to view the content will be a barrier for some taking part at home but for those in our community who do have these, please share our activities with them to enjoy.