To watch our left backs video again, click the triangle play button in the centre of the image above.
Left Back A = Harry Haddock

Left Back B = Sammy Cox

Left Back C = Tommy Gemmell
In Week 4, we will release a new video which will explore international Scotland players in the Right Half position. Remeber to write down your player choice each week so you can compare your team to the Saints in the Community 'Dream Team' - voted for by peole on social media. HARRY HADDOCK won the online social media vote and we have updated our winning Team Sheet which you can view HERE.


Did you spot it? The ball is in square B1!

This Spot the Ball action shot is from the 1973 Scottish Junior Cup Final where Irvine Meadow are playing Cambuslang Rangers.



Celtic vs Hearts - Scottish Cup Final 1956

You can watch the 1956 Scottish Cup Final highlights video again by clicking the triangle play button in the centre of the image above.

Pleasae see below for the answers to our three questions:

1. The Hearts 'Terrible Trio' featured in the 1956 Scottish Cup Final - can you name all three players?
ANSWER: Alfie Conn, Jimmy Wardhaugh and Willie Bauld
2. Celtic Midfielder Bobby Evans played in this 1956 Scottish Cup Final against Hearts. Which English Football Club did he move to 4 years later?
ANSWER: Chelsea
3. Who were the team Managers that day at the 1956 Scottish Cup Final?
ANSWER: Celtic = Jimmy McGrory, Hearts = Tommy Walker