To watch our centre forwards video again, click the triangle play button in the centre of the image above.
Centre Forward A = Lawrie Reilly
Centre Forward B = Joe Jordan
Centre Forward C = Ian St John
In Week 10, we will release a new video which will explore international Scotland players in the Inside Left position. Remeber to write down your player choice each week so you can compare your team to the Saints in the Community 'Dream Team' - voted for by peole on social media. LAWRIE REILLY won the online social media vote and we have updated our winning Team Sheet which you can view HERE.



Did you spot it? The ball is in square C3!

This Spot the Ball action shot is from Douglas Park where Hamilton Accies are hosting Hibernian. It looks to be from the 1950's or early 60's and Condor Sliced Tobacco is the advert on the roof of the old main stand.



Scotland vs England - 1960

You can watch the 1960 highlights video again by clicking the triangle play button in the centre of the image above.

Please see below for the answers to our five questions:

1. Which Club did Eric Caldow sign for after leaving Rangers?
ANSWER: Stirling Albion
2. Eric Caldow's international career was ended after he suffered a broken leg in an international fixture. Who were the opposition and where was the game played?
ANSWER: The opposition were England and the game was played at Wembley
3. Denis Law played Club football in Italy for a short time before returning to play in England. Which Italian Club did he play for?
ANSWER: Torino
4. Denis Law is famous for his bicycle-kick goal attempts. He also had a very distinct way of celebrating scoring a goal - what was it?
ANSWER: Holding his arm aloft and gripping his jersey cuff
5. Graham Leggat's Club is listed as being Fulham. Which Club did he play for prior to signing for Fulham?
ANSWER: Aberdeen