Working in partnership with Bertha Park High School, our term-time programme aims to provide an inspiring and motivational football initiative for local secondary pupils.

Our UEFA qualified coach and former St Johnstone FC player, Danny Griffin, visits the high school twice a week to deliver football and healthy activity sessions; helping to create a vibrant, effective learning environment and inspiring young people to develop and achieve their potential.

Our vision for this project is to:

  • Motivate and inspire young people to be their best
  • Achieve a measured increase in school attendance
  • Increase engagement in school subjects
  • Improve physical and mental well-being
  • Provide a vibrant training programme, creating positive pathways for any boy or girl with ambition to develop their skills

Year 1 of this project has been funded by our Aviva Crowdfunding campaign and our generous supporters. We continue to strive to make this programme embedded within the school curriculm at Betha Park High School and invite future supporters to contact us about this


Meet our 2020-21 participants:


Bertha Saints squad 2020-21